Version: 0.4.3 Type: application AppVersion: 0.4.3

Using the Helm Repository

The following command can be used to add the repository:

helm repo add s3sync-service

Please check this page for examples.



Kubernetes: >=1.13.10-0


Key Type Default Description
affinity object {} affinity settings
config.access_key string "" global AWS access key ID settings
config.aws_region string "us-east-1" global AWS Region settings
config.checksum_workers int 5 number of the checksum workers
config.loglevel string "info" logging level
config.s3_ops_retries int 5 global S3 retries settings
config.secret_access_key string "" global AWS secret access key settings
config.sites object {} list of site configuration options, check the documentation for details
config.upload_queue_buffer int 0 the upload queue buffer, check the documentation for details
config.upload_workers int 10 number of the upload workers
config.watch_interval string "1s" global watch interval settings bool true enable the configmap watch feature
createRbac bool true set to false if you not planning on using configmap watch functionality or want to create RBAC objects manually
httpServer.enable bool true enable the s3sync-service http service
httpServer.port int 8090 listen port for the s3sync http service
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" image pull policy
image.repository string "" docker repository, uses mirror by default
image.tag string "" overrides the image tag whose default is the chart appVersion
imagePullSecrets list [] might be useful when using private registry
nodeSelector object {} nodeSelector for the pod
podAnnotations object {} extra pod annotations
podSecurityContext object {} the pod security context
prometheusExporter.enable bool true enable built-in prometheus exporter
prometheusExporter.path string "/metrics" netrics path for the prometheus exporter
prometheusExporter.port int 9350 listen port for the built-in prometheus exporter
resources object {} container resources allocation
secret.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID string "" AWS access Key ID, omit if you want to create the secret separately
secret.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY string "" AWS secret access key, omit if you want to create the secret separately string "" k8s secret name containing AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, this needed only if you want to create the secret separately
securityContext object {} the container security context
serviceAccountName string "" ServiceAccount name if was created manually
tolerations list [] pod tolerations
volumeMounts object {} the volumeMounts definitions
volumes object {} the pod volumes definitions

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