As of version 0.2.0 s3sync-service supports other S3 compatible services. So far it's been successfully tested with Backblaze.

Multiple storage providers can be used at the same time, eg. site A syncs with S3 bucket while site B with Backblaze B2.

Backblaze site configuration

Please use the Backblaze official documentation to gather:

  • S3 endpoint
  • Application Key
  • Application Key ID

Those parameters are needed in order to configure your site to use the Backblaze B2 bucket. The access_key and secret_access_key can be set globally or via environment variables depending on your needs and use case, however, keep in mind that when you sync with different storage providers one of them would have to override global credentials as in the below example:

- name: backblaze
  local_path: /local/path
  bucket: backblaze-bucket-name
  endpoint: # your S3 endpoint
  access_key: app_key_id # your Application Key ID
  secret_access_key: app_key # your Application Key

All the rest site configuration options are still compatible with Backblaze B2.